Growth Mindset | Inspirational Quotes en español (& FREE bookmark)

I've been seeing a lot of articles and posts about growth mindset and tangible ways to instill a positive growth mindset in the classroom.  Activities, posters, videos.  All with the aim to encourage students to believe in themselves. And I've been thinking that I need to find some ways to incorporate a subtle focus on... Continue Reading →

PART 2 – Free PD – No Cost Professional Development Opportunities for Busy Teachers

This is hands-down the best, most informative and crazy-useful professional development opportunity I've ever participated in. Just like a teacher conference. Wherever and whenever you want. (Pajamas and couch optional.) Matt Miller does an amazing job at Google tools podcasts to daily articles and tips for teachers. But every December, teachers get an added... Continue Reading →

The BEST TpT Authors You Probably Aren’t Following | And why you need to follow them NOW

Since its inception in 2006, Teachers Pay Teachers has given thousand of educators around the world a platform to market the resources they've been creating and using to foster success for years in their classrooms. Today you can find over 3 million resources uploaded on TpT.  With so much content, it can be hard for... Continue Reading →

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