The BEST TpT Authors You Probably Aren’t Following | And why you need to follow them NOW

Since its inception in 2006, Teachers Pay Teachers has given thousand of educators around the world a platform to market the resources they’ve been creating and using to foster success for years in their classrooms.

Today you can find over 3 million resources uploaded on TpT.  With so much content, it can be hard for new users to navigate.  And for new sellers, getting their content in front of their buyers can be a huge challenge.

“TPT operates on a seemingly-obvious but sadly rare belief: trust teachers.”  – Lily Jones, Forbes

Today I want to highlight just TWO TpT Authors for the Spanish classroom that I’ve discovered just THIS WEEK!

Learning Llama

llearning llamaI love this author’s logo AND creative name!  Llearning Llama is owned and operated by high school teacher Courtney Mayes.  You can read Courtney’s blog here.  Her TpT store currently has 69 resources, including this beautiful, 56 page resource for teaching about Frida Kahlo.  Wow!

In addition to her art mini units, Courtney has created a variety of IPAs (Integrated Performace Assessments) for various topics and appropriate for learners with Novice High & Intermediate Low levels of Spanish.Llearning llama Frida

Follow the Llearning Llama as she shares her quality resources with Spanish educators on TpT.

You can also follow the Llearning Llama on Pinterest.

Here are some additional resources available from Llearning Llama’s TpT store:

Spanish Class Mini Unit Diego Rivera Lessons and ProjectHurricane Maria Puerto Rico Spanish LessonSpanish IPA Intermediate Low Study Habits Contemporary Life

Señora Q


Señora Q’s TpT store boasts 101 resources!  Congrats on breaking into triple digits!  Most of Señora Q’s resources focus on vocabulary and verb tenses and are perfectly priced between $2 and $6. SenoraQ

Many of the resources you will find here are customizable and include assessments.  Señora Q has created a wide range of products.  With ten years of teaching experience, you can trust that she has perfected her resources through numerous classroom implementations.  You can find also Señora Q on Pinterest.

Check out these FREEBIES!  The weather activity includes two authentic videos with accompanying True/False statements.  The WebQuest is a template that students can use when researching Spanish-speaking countries!  The family tree project is a rubric that is fully customizable!  Click on the images to see the products or click here to see her entire store.

Actividad/Prueba de Escuchar - ¿Qué Tiempo Hace? *FREEBIE*WebQuest: Explorar un País Hispanohablante *FREEBIE*Proyecto: Mi Árbol Familiar (2 Versions with Rubrics) *FREEBIE*



You can find links to my favorite TpT Authors here.  And my TpT store here.




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