Are you Navidone?

You’ve seen the posts about teaching during December:

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And this one:

But like it or not, we have one more week. ONE. MORE. WEEK.

So if you are running out of steam, beyond #teachertired, & desperate for some lesson plans that are super-easy to implement, cheap/free, and will engage your students, this post is for YOU!

I love teaching about the legend of the poinsettia! And this new resource by Holy Frijoles is PERFECT! The vocabulary is super simple, repetitious, and focuses on the Super 7 verbs! Each of the seven chapters contains a short glossary and comprehension questions. Find this resource for FREE on Teachers Pay Teachers.

After you read the legend of the poinsettia, follow this tutorial to create paper poinsettias with your students. This blog will walk you through each step! My Spanish 1 students made some today but used glittery pipe cleaners instead of the beads & wire to hold their flowers together. We also used poster board instead of origami paper (cheaper and sturdier)!

This next resource will require some prep, including five different locks. If you don’t have locks on hand, you can always have students tell you (or write down) each of their answers for you to approve. This breakout is based on a Spanish commercial for their annual Lotería, “El Gordo”. You can get your copy for FREE on Teachers Pay Teachers. Check out the commercial below.

Play Lotería with your students! I love using these games from Drew Forlano! We actually played this during our weekly Spanish club meeting on Wednesday! Super fun and it has so many variations! This is a paid resource, but it is so worth it! Not sure how to play Lotería? This beautiful Google Doodle is an interactive tutorial and my students are obsessed with it! Ready to play? Grab Drew’s resource on Teachers Pay Teachers.

Need something you can stretch for the entire week? It’s not too late the get in on the fun of Navidad Commercial Madness! This is my third year participating and my students and I absolutely love it! The Google Drive is full of extra resources you can use to compliment the 16 commercials used in this bracket. You can choose to use all of the resources, or just show the commercials and vote in your classroom. Easy peasy!

Still need some more idea and activities for the rest of December? Check out this free ebook from the teachers of #TeachMoreSpanish! Sixteen FREE resources from some of your favorite Spanish Teacher Authors!

Stay in touch with us on Instagram to see our latest resources, Instagram photo challenges, freebies, & giveaways (including a special announcement on December 14!!)

¡Feliz Navidad! y ¡Sí se puede!

– Tiffany


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