PART 2 – Free PD – No Cost Professional Development Opportunities for Busy Teachers

This is hands-down the best, most informative and crazy-useful professional development opportunity I’ve ever participated in.

Just like a teacher conference.
Wherever and whenever you want.
(Pajamas and couch optional.)

Matt Miller does an amazing job at–from Google tools podcasts to daily articles and tips for teachers.

But every December, teachers get an added bonus with Ditch Summit.


But the summit is ONLY available for two weeks in December…and then it’s gone forever.

Check out last year’s presenters & topics:




Dec 15 (Fri)

Combining Tech and Solid Teaching Effectively

Dec 16 (Sat)

The Science of Happiness

Dec 17 (Sun)

Brain-Friendly Learning that Works

Dec 18 (Mon)

How in the Google Did You Do That?

Dec 19 (Tue)

How to Learn from a World of Educators

Dec 20 (Wed)

Plan Smarter, Not Harder with Edu-Protocols

Dec 21 (Thur)

How to Make Learning a Game

Dec 22 (Fri)

Chromebook Crash Course: What You NEED

Dec 23 (Sat)

What Schools Can Learn from Start-Up Culture

How it works

#1  Sign up at

#2  Watch your inbox for details on the starting date.

#3  Click the link to watch the daily one-hour presentations.

#4  Claim your PD certificate.

Once presentations go live, they will be available for viewing until December 31.  Last year, I racked up 7 PD hours and tons of useful information at the 2017 Ditch Summit.

My only regret was not finding out about #ditchsummit sooner!


If you found this article useful and want to see more posts about FREE PD opportunities, comment on this post and share it on your social media accounts. 

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Free PD – No Cost Professional Development Opportunities for Busy Teachers

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Ditch Summit 2018 – It’s Not Too Late!


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