Google Classroom Headers – Easily Customize Yours Today!

Google Classroom is a great tool for educators!

But many educators do not know this little secret:  You can customize each of your classrooms with headers!  So, what is a Google Classroom header?

The header is the graphic that will show along the top portion of the screen whenever students access their Google Classroom accounts.

Let me show you what that looks like for me:  first I have created a different “classroom” for each individual class that I teach.  So, right now, I have three Spanish 1 classrooms, two Spanish 2 classrooms, and one Spanish 3 classroom.

I started playing with different sizes until I found one size that fit perfectly AND had an appropriate number of pixels (not too big, not too small).

I like to change up my headers from time to time.  Here is one of the first ones I created:

Google Classroom Headers (5)

BUT there was a major problem!  Whatever name you chose for your classroom will appear in the dead center of your header, so you do NOT want to put any text in the middle of your header.

So, I played with the design some more:

Google Classroom Headers (15)

Moving the text to the right did help–but only because I use short names for my classes (Spanish 1 – First Period).  However, when students change the size of their screens, the Bienvenidos text often covered the class name–making both rows of text hard to read.

With this in mind, I set out to create seasonal headers that were more functional.  This one leaves the perfect amount of space between the top and bottom lines of text for the class name to appear in between–it also leaves a good amount of length for classes with longer names.

TpT Fall Google Classroom Headers (9)

Here is the same header once uploaded to my Google Classroom for one of my Spanish 1 classes:

Google Header Example

I think it helps to add a little something “extra” to the drab, basic look of Google Classroom.  What is nice is that Google will change the banner color at the top to coordinate with the header you chose!

Here is another example:

Google Header Example2

These headers are super easy to upload so they can be switched often.  I’ve been working on creating some new headers for winter which you can see below and access in my Teachers Pay Teachers store.

I’m also happy to give away this cute Llama Spanish header so that you can try one out for yourself and see how easy it is and how it adds a special touch to your Google Classroom page.  Just click the link below to download your FREE Google Classroom header and step-by-step instructions to upload it to your Google Classroom today!


I have several packs of 2 or 3 headers for only 99 cents each:

TpT Winter Google Classroom Headers Cover (1).jpgTpT Winter Google Classroom Headers Cover (2)

TpT Winter Google Classroom Headers Cover






And, right now, I’m adding additional packs of headers each week!  Visit my store to see all my current headers for fall and winter.

TpT Winter Google Classroom Headers Cover (3).jpg

If you are currently using Google Classroom, did you know that you could customize your headers??  Let me know below.


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