Alebrijes in the Spanish 1 Classroom

This past week in Spanish 1, we finally got to do my “Roll & Draw Your Own Alebrije” activity.  For me, it was one of my most anticipated lessons of October.  I am fascinated with the wonderful creations that my students designed!  Plus, they had so much fun!  Take a look at a few of them 🙂Alebrije 5.png


Alebrije 2.png

Alebrije 4.pngAlebrije 3.png


I was able to create this clipart from their drawings (which is actually VERY easy to do in Microsoft Paint 3D).  I was able to display a lot of them in the hallway before I left school on Friday!  Since we don’t have display boards in the hallways, I took advantage of these doors that lead to the electrical supplies.  I think it turned out great!!


In addition to creating these wonderful creatures, students also showed off their Spanish skills by writing a short paragraph about their creature.  Here is how one student described her alebrije:


Wow!  No doubt, we need to work some more on word order (and we haven’t covered me gustan….only me gusta thus far).  But I think this is impressive for a rough draft!  Here is another one 🙂


So, did you teach about alebrijes (and the real alebrijes, opposed to the Disney versions) in your classes this year?  Leave a comment and let me know!

If you want to check out my Roll & Draw resource, you can click the image below.

Alebrije (9)


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