Ditch Summit 2018 – It’s not too late!

If you haven’t tuned in to #DitchSummit 2018, it’s not too late!!  Just check out this Tweet from yesterday evening!

Ditch Twitter Extension

Hooray!  So if you’ve been procrastinating, there is a good chance that you will have ONE additional opportunity to participate–not only in this year’s Ditch Summit, but in the previous 3 summits as well!!

So STOP procrastinating!

If you haven’t signed up yet, click here to get started.  Once you are registered, you will get access to all 35 videos from a total of FOUR Ditch Summits!

Need something to hold you accountable?  I’ve created this Ditch Summit bingo board where you can track your progress.  Here is mine (so far):

DitchSummit 2018 BINGO

And here is a blank one that you can save and use.  But remember!!  This encore won’t last forever!  So make it one of your #propósitos to take advantage of this free professional development opportunity while you can!

Ditch Bingo.jpg

Be sure to follow Matt Miller on Twitter and give him a shoutout if you participate this year!

This years presenters w/links to their Twitter accounts:

Ken Shelton   Kim Bearden   Matt Miller   Jornea Erwin   Bryan Miller

Tony Vincent   Manuel Herrera   Claudio Zavala Jr.   James Clear

Be sure to download the notes of every presentation that you watch to refer back to later!  The notes also give additional contact information (including individual websites) for each of the presenters!

Subscribe to Matt’s blog here (subscribers get access to three FREE ebooks–did I mention FREE??)

If you participated in the 2018 DitchSummit, tell me about your favorite part below in the comments!

Updated 1//12/19:  Ditch Summit has been reopened for one week!!  Don’t miss your chance.


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