The BEST Alebrije Resources for Your Classroom | Mexican Folk Art for School

If you are unfamiliar with the Mexican papier-mache folk art commonly known as alebrijes and why you will be seeing them everywhere this year (hint:  it has to do with a best-selling Disney film), check out my former post here. In this post I want to highlight some of the BEST Alebrije resources for your... Continue Reading →

Alebrijes |Pedro Linares & His Magical Mexican Folk Art

If you haven't seen the movie Coco, or travelled to Oaxaca or Mexico City, Mexico, maybe you aren't familiar with the term "alebrijes."  (Pronounced Al - lay - bre - hays) And if you have watched the movie Coco, chances are you are familiar with Disney's "spirit guides," as alebrijes are called in the movie. But... Continue Reading →

The BEST TpT Authors You Probably Aren’t Following | And why you need to follow them NOW

Since its inception in 2006, Teachers Pay Teachers has given thousand of educators around the world a platform to market the resources they've been creating and using to foster success for years in their classrooms. Today you can find over 3 million resources uploaded on TpT.  With so much content, it can be hard for... Continue Reading →

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