Back-to-School with Style

I don’t have a lot of money to decorate my classroom. And even if I did have the money, I probably couldn’t create a “Pinterest-worthy classroom”. What I do buy and create for my room has a purpose.

Sometimes the purpose is purely decorative (I’m not a “bare walls” advocate) but that’s not normally the case.

I have been working this summer to create cute, functional posters and I have a free version of my mini-emoji posters in the 2019 Secondary Spanish Resource Library.

But my favorite so far is my Frida Kahlo poster. Click the image below to download your FREE copy!

While the poster can be printed on regular printer paper, I prefer to have mine larger. Often, your school’s print shop can produce these for you. I sent mine to Walmart (online site to store) for printing–sometimes you can pick it up within an hour! I’m so excited to hang this on my wall this year!

>>>>> For another essential back-to-school freebie, check out this post by Monica Self, our blog hop host, and the creator of Bilingual Classroom Resources. <<<<<<

A special thanks to Monica Self at Bilingual Classroom Resources for organizing this Back to School Bilingual Blog Hop! 

Enjoy the rest of your journey on the hop and have a great year!!

To check out more of my recommended resources, visit this blog post.


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