Back-to-school Resource Roundup | 15 Fabulous Decor Items for the Spanish Classroom

With back-to-school fast approaching (faster for some than others) I wanted to take a minute and highlight some free and inexpensive back-to-school products that will have you feeling ready to go back!

This FREE bienvenidos banner by Mrs. Cabello contains images of famous Hispanics and Latinos and will look beautiful on your classroom wall!

If you are doing a tropical theme, you have to check out this HUGE bundle by Keira at La Misi de Español!

Keep the tropical feel going with these Pineapple Emoji Posters available in my store.

Or are you in the mood for llots of llamas? Sra. Davila Madwid has an abundance of Llama Themed decor in her store.

Need more llama decor? Check out my Llama Emoji Posters in English & Spanish in my store.

If you are looking for Word Walls, Laura Lee has several to choose from. Or, grab this bundle!

I love this cute calendar by Erin at The Engaged Spanish Classroom. She has several other decor items available in her store as well.

Pair the calendar above with this beautiful High Frequency Verb set also by Erin at The Engaged Spanish Classroom.

This Alphabet Word Wall from Sol at Viva Bilinguals is a great way to display vocabulary words. And I love the cactus theme!

If you use Google Classroom, these headers will brighten up your class homepage. Four different designs with seven different texts.

What Spanish room is complete without flags from Spanish speaking countries? This download is available from Spanish Mama.

Or a classroom without Frida Kahlo decor? Check out these amazing printable posters by La Misi de Español!

Being a huge fan of Frida, I created this FREE poster that you can download and print! Prints up to size 16 x 20 inches with amazing clarity!

Display “I CAN” statements with these posters and templates by Alison at Mis Clases Locas.

These kindness posters in Spanish are the perfect edition to any Spanish classroom. Find them in store of Bilingual Teach & Tell Us.

Have I featured any of your favorites? Let me know below! And feel free to add links to any of YOUR favorite Spanish classroom decor items for me to check out below in the comments!


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