Comprehensible Online 2019 Part 2 | CI Superstars

Note: If you haven’t read Part 1 of this blog series, you can do so by clicking here. Although Comprehensible Online’s official end date was April 30, the conference was extended until June 2!! So I’ve been going back through and rewatching some of my favorite presentations. In this post I highlight four fantastic conference presenters.

More Presenters: Four Teacher Spotlights


Spotlight: Mike Peto

Mike Peto – Mike Peto blogs at “My Generation of Polyglots” and has written several book for language teachers AND for language students. His books My Perfect Year and Pleasure Reading are available on his blog (click below) for immediate download.

To purchase or view books by Mike Peto, click here.

Mike has also authored the books Superburguesas and Meche y Las Ballenas–both of which I was able to read earlier this month after purchasing five copies of each novel for my classroom!! Both books are highly comprehensible and co-authored by his Spanish students (how cool!) Superburguesas was funny but I LOVED Meche y Las Ballenas. You can (and should) purchase your own copies of these books on his website (listed above).

Mike is also the mastermind behind the “Sweet 16” verbs, which you can learn more about on his blog. You can find Mike on Twitter: @mike_peto

Spotlight: Tina Hargaden

Tina Hargaden – I’m nearly convinced that Tina Hargaden is actually three persons. Or maybe she just doesn’t sleep. She is A – MA – ZING ! She has SO much energy and is doing SO much to help World Language teachers become better educators! Just check out her CI-Liftoff PD website that (as of today) hosts NINETEEN different PD opportunities ranging from $7 to $189! I’m currently enrolled in “No-Prep Lesson Planning” with La Maestra Loca (Annabelle Williamson). 🙂

Class demo: Mike & Tina

Tina also heads up the HIGHLY active Facebook group CI Liftoff which currently has over 7,000 members! You can find out more about Tina, schedule a free coaching phone call, or schedule Tina for your next PD event by clicking here.

Spotlight: Anne Marie Chase

AnneMarie Chase has been teaching Spanish with CI and TPRS strategies for 13 years. She has an AMAZING blog!

Right now, my favorite post on her blog is “Library By Level!” It includes a document that separates over ONE HUNDRED Spanish novels into eight levels of difficulty.

Senora Chase also HATES grading and has created some “Quick Quizzes” that you can use in your classrooms. She has shared these, along with 8 rubrics, on her blog.

Another big take away from AnneMarie’s presentation is her Magic Cards (which I am TOTALLY implementing next year).

Spotlight: Maureen Lamb

Maureen Lamb is a Latin teacher and a huge proponent of Free Voluntary Reading (FVR) in her classroom. She was named Connecticut Language Teacher of the Year in 2017. You can connect with Maureen on Twitter @latintechtools.

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Stay tuned for another post (coming soon).


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