Comprehensible Online 2019 | Blogs to Follow Part 1

Comprehensible Online 2019 ends on April 30 and I’ve been cramming in as many sessions as I can!  I can’t wait to attend again in 2020!  So many great presentations from so many wonderful and enthusiastic language teachers!

For those of you who don’t know about Comprehensible Online (I just learned about it in February from one of Martina Bex’s Instagram posts), it is a completely online professional development conference made up of nearly 100 individual presentations by world language teachers from around the world.  It runs from March 1 to April 30 and then it’s gone forever!  It is hosted by Scott Benedict and accessible at Teach for June.

There are price breaks for early registration so plan ahead for next year!  I was able to squeeze in just before the conference started and used a code that Martina posted to save some money.  I think I paid close to $200 for the conference and was reimbursed by my school district for the complete amount!!  (Never hurts to ask, right??)

With so much great content, I had to find a way to stay focused and not get too overwhelmed.  I created and printed a list of the presentations and left checkboxes to mark once I had (1) printed the notes, (2) saved notes to my Google Drive, (3) watched the presentations.  I also wrote the name of the presenter and the date I watched each presentation on these sheets.

But as the conferences draws to a close, I wanted to create a way to quickly access the blogs and strategies that I’ve found so useful.

Note:  I am NOT linking content that is accessible only to conference participants (that would, of course, be prohibited).  If you would like access to these full presentations and all the resources, please register for the conference next year!  I am, however, linking public blog posts by the presenters and some of the resources that were recommended during the conference.

Below are brief bios for the presenters and links to their blogs (just click on their names).  I’ve also listed some of my biggest “takeaways” from the presentations and, when possible, linked blog posts that detail each strategy.

I hope you find some blogs to follow, some strategies to use in your language class, and I hope to see you in Comprehensible Online 2020!

Presenters & Blogs

Magister P – Lance Piantaggini teaches Latin with CI strategies and blogs about his classroom.  Twitter handle: @MagisterMrP

My takeaways:  Sweet 16 Verb Posters, Classroom setup, Quick Quiz, K-F-D Quiz

Bess Hayles – Bess has been teaching French (as high as French 5) for over 12 years and uses a lot of TPRS in her classroom.  Twitter handle: @MmeHayles

My takeaways:  Write, Draw, Pass (Martina Bex), Textivate, Cooperative Mural, Snapchat stories (Keith Toda), Who Would Say?

Scott Benedict – Scott has been teaching Spanish for nearly 20 years.  He uses TPRS strategies and facilitates online workshops at Teach for June.  Twitter handle:  @teachforjune

My takeaways:  Proficiency-based grading, Rejoinders (Bryce Hedstrom), Classroom Jobs (Bryce Hedstrom)

Laurie Clarcq – Spanish teacher and blogger at Hearts for Teaching and Embedded Reading (with Michele Whaley).  Twitter handle:  @lclarcq

My takeaways:  Relationships Matter, Embedded Readings, Activities (LOTS of ideas included in a shared Google Doc at the bottom of the page).

Laurie Clarcq Embedded Readings

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In post #2 (coming soon):  Mike Peto, Tina Hargaden, Anne Marie Chase, and Maureen Lamb 🙂


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