Crazy for Cascarones

Have you made cascarones in your classroom?

These confetti-filled Easter eggs are super easy to make! I recommend cleaning out the shells at home so you can use the eggs to make delicious treats–and that way, nothing goes to waste!

It’s best to start collecting your eggs a few weeks before you need them, depending on the amount you will need.

If you live on or near a farm, you may be able to have some eggs donated to your classroom!

If you’ve never made cascarones before, here are two blog posts that will walk you through the steps:

Julie at Mundo de Pepita has put together a step-by-step blog on how to make cascarones with cut paper scraps and tissue paper. Read more here.

Mommy Maestra has also written a blog post about making cascarones with her children. You can read more here.

If you are looking to teach your students about the history of cascarones, I have a reading passage in very comprehensible Spanish that includes an optional glossary of terms. After reading about the history of cascarones, there is a true/false activity in English where students can simply write T/F or can correct the false statements. There is also an extended response page of three questions and additional summarize & color pages.

You can find my Los Cascarones product on Teachers Pay Teachers.

I’m looking forward to making cascarones with my Spanish classes the week before Easter (our Spring break starts on Good Friday)!

Here is a video of my cracking the eggs by tapping on the top with a butter knife. I make the hole big enough to insert the knife and pop the yolk. Once the yolk is popped, the contents drain really nicely. Then, just rinse your egg shell and place it back in the carton to dry! So easy!

I’m also going to be taking my students through (another) one of Manzana Para La Maestra’s escape rooms! You can check out the break out room that I am going to use (below) on Teacher’s Pay Teachers.

Click here to check out this break out room by Manzana Para La Maestra.

If you are looking for more information about Semana Santa (including videos) check out this blog post by Spanish Mama.

Aaand, the totally awesome Holy Frijoles just posted this totally awesome blog post about Semana Santa that you just have to check out!! Click here.

I hope this post has equipped you with some useful materials for your Spanish classroom!

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