Introducing the Teachers of #TeachMoreSpanish

I have been so blessed to find a community of Spanish educators who love to support and uplift each other as we each work to create materials for our Spanish classrooms (and yours)! Each of these ladies and gentlemen works tirelessly in their classrooms to create and then share their materials on Teachers Pay Teachers. Below you can read a little bit about each one and follow them on their social media platforms.

I will be updating this post every week until I feature all 30+ amazing teachers! So stay tuned!!

Erin from The Engaged Spanish Classroom has been teaching for 7 years after working in social work for two years. Her goal is to help teachers save time and enjoy their jobs more, by engaging students with games and fun activities and helping them to be more enthusiastic about language learning. Erin started the #TeachMoreSpanish group in early 2018 to help bring Spanish teachers together to share and collaborate in a supportive environment. Find Erin on TPT, Instagram, Blog, Facebook, Pinterest.
Sol from Viva Bilinguals teaches K-6 Spanish. She is from “the city of the mountains”–Monterrey, N.L. in Mexico. She has been teaching spanish for 8 years at the kindergarten and primary level. She loves creating resources and helping other teachers that love education. Sol loves music, dancing, graphic design, talking with others from all over the world, and (of course) creating vibrant Spanish resources on Teachers Pay Teachers! Find Sol on TPT, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest.
Sarah is a K-12 Spanish teacher with 15 years of experience under her belt. She has taught in Minnesota, the Netherlands and Spain. She has enjoyed a rich career full of growth and continued education. Her passion as an educator is to help other educators succeed and to help teachers take back their free time & learn to manage stress, which is why she began writing curriculum. Find Sarah on TPT, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Blog.
Josefina Cabello teaches PK-6 Spanish in Tennessee. Josefina was born and raised in Ecuador and moved to the US in 2011. In Ecuador she taught ESL for almost 5 years to pretty much all levels. Josefina enjoys spending time with her family, playing with her children, and watching documentaries about pretty much anything. Find Josefina on TPT, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Blog.
Granabana was created by 2 colleagues who met in Granada, Spain and have collaborated at the same high school, across the hallway from each other in person and in a joined Google Classroom called Sol y Mar, a combination of our last names. Together they have 50+ years of experience. Sra. Mar was homeschooled in Havana (ooh na-na (ay) for some time. This duo has great synergy and continually reflects on best practices. They aim to guide all Spanish teachers to teach as if they found out that mañana they were going to facilitate the AP Spanish Language and Culture class. Come with us behind the scene at #sra.sol_y_mar! TPT, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest.
Ellen from Minute by Minute Spanish is dedicated to teaching level one Spanish using 90% target language and transition videos.  Her store supports three Venezuelan families: she pays the hospital bills for two babies to be born, educates two girls, feeds three families, ships used clothing, and gave one budding artist her first set of paints. Find Ellen on TPT, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter.
Mercedes is a retired Bilingual (Spanish-English) teacher who taught 1-3 graders for 32 years, mostly in Orange County, CA. Born in Havana, Cuba, she has lived in California the majority of her life. Currently, Mercedes is thoroughly enjoying her grandchildren, traveling with her husband, and creating fabulous educational resources for her growing TpT store! Find Mercedes on TPT, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest.
Tiffany (Profe Pistole) has lived in Spain & Scotland and now teaches high school Spanish near her hometown in Southern Ohio as a Department of One! She loves teaching with music and movies and using TPR and TPRS strategies. She enjoys making her own lessons and ditched the traditional textbook long ago. She loves Jesus, her husband, her two kids, dogs, and chocolate. She hates waking up early and cold weather. Find Tiffany on TPT, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Blog.
Rebecca from Loca Language Teacher is enthusiastic about teaching inside and outside of the classroom. This is her 5th year teaching 7th and 8th grade Spanish. Her favorite type of activity to implement in the classroom is cooperative learning. She enjoys creating and sharing her creations on Tpt. Find Rebecca on TPT, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest.
Keira is from Puerto Rico and she creates resources under La Misi de Español. Her focus is Middle/High school Spanish Language Arts and the thing she loves to teach the most is creative writing. She studied for a semester in Madrid, has been an American Sign Language interpreter! Keira loves making stuff, be it cupcakes, graphic designs, jewelry, or whatever! Find Keira on TPT, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter.
Erin at The Spanish Brew is an enthusiastic Spanish teacher from Chicago who is always looking for new and creative ways to engage her students. Since 2007 she has taught high school Spanish at all levels. As language acquisition has moved in the direction of communication and proficiency (yay!) it has been her goal to create engaging activities to promote students’ use of the target language. Games, speaking task cards, and authentic materials are all items she uses frequently in her classroom with great success. Find Erin on TPT, Instagram, Facebook, Blog.
Yona from Spanish Resource Shop has taught high school Spanish and now shares her love of the language at the college level. She loves to make her classes engaging and fun by creating her own resources, which she is thrilled to be able to share with other teachers. Some of the things she enjoys creating are songs, games and innovative PowerPoints infused with visuals to teach vocabulary and grammar in a fun and unique way. Find Yona on TPT, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Blog.
Allison of Mis Clases Locas is a #deptof1Secondary Spanish teacher. She loves using music, movement, novels, and culture in her #deskless classroom. She is on a mission to help support and save teachers time. Find Allison on TPT, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Blog.
Aida from Mrs. Cortes Teaching Resources is passionate about teaching and for creating thoughtful bilingual resources for thoughtful teachers. Aida loves creating engaging lessons and resources for interactive boards for the elementary classrooms. She creates each one of her resources to meet language learners’ needs and learning styles. Find her on TPT, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Blog.
Katie and Amy from Spark Enthusiasm Spanish have a combined 40+ years of teaching experience. They have taught all levels of Spanish and love including music and movies into their teaching. All of their resources have been created for their own classrooms and they are so excited that they have been able to make other teachers’ lives easier! Find them on TPT, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Blog.
Jade is the face behind “La Secundaria.” Jade is from South Carolina and loves traveling, speaking Spanish, spending time with friends and family, and “creating resources to help my students and yours.” Jade is enjoying her sixth year as a Spanish teacher! Find Jade on TPT, Instagram, Blog, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter.
Fernanda, from Fernanda’s French and Spanish Resources, has been teaching Spanish and French for the past 20 years. She absolutely loves teaching and sharing her love of languages and cultures with her students. She is a technology enthusiast who loves to integrate technology into all of her lessons. She has also been a FLENJ mentor to new teachers for the past 5 years and is one of the organizers of EdCampWL. She loves to connect and collaborate with other teachers. Find Fernanada on TPT, Instagram, Twitter.
Laura from Senora Lee – for the LOVE of Spanish has taught Spanish for over eighteen years. Señora Lee has shared her LOVE of Spanish with students ranging from kindergarten to eighth grade. She is passionate about finding ways to engage students and make learning fun! Find Laura on TPT, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Blog.
Rosa from Tapas for Two came to the US after finishing college and began teaching in the US in the year 2000. She is from the beautiful town of Barcelona, Spain, and her love for the language and culture are always present in her classes and the resources she creates. Happy to connect and collaborate with other teachers. Mom to three awesome and very energetic kids, loves to dance, hiking, crafting, and spending time with friends and family. Find Rosa on TPT, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Blog.
Angie Torre has taught French and Spanish for 31 years. Frustrated by the lack of quality resources for world language, Angie created her own and has been offering them to other teachers via Teachers Pay Teachers for about ten years. Her store has TPR Stories, videos, AP Spanish materials, year-long lesson plans, Google Drive and Interactive Notebook Activities, PowerPoints and too many others to list here! Her motto is “Teach, correct, go home!” Find Angie on TPT, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Blog.
Señora Alison Q teaches high-school Spanish who loves helping students acquire language through authentic input, games, puzzles, and projects. Alison believes in providing her students with the opportunity to use Spanish in interpretive, interpersonal, and presentational activities that mimic real-world tasks, so that they will be successful using the language outside of the classroom. She also tries to incorporate music and food into the classroom whenever possible! Find Alison on TPT, Instagram, Pinterest.
Ashley likes to get her students up, moving, and talking to each other as much as possible. Partners and small group work are some of my happiest places as a teacher–anything to get them communicating in the target language! Find Ashley on TPT, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Blog.
Thomas (an author) and Amber (a 4th grade Spanish immersion teacher) opened StoryBridge Resources to combine their love of writing stories, teaching Spanish, and creating quality educational resources! Check out their store to find fun and engaging Spanish stories geared toward upper elementary. Meet Garlok the Terrible (a powerful dragon who loves to put on a show), Tommy True (a young detective), and a host of other characters that will delight your students’ imaginations! Find them on TPT, Pinterest.
Angie is a bilingual teacher who has taught Pre-k through 2nd grade for a total of 12 years. Although her favorite is early childhood,she is currently working with Pre-k through 5th. She has been an ESL Instructional Specialist for three years. Angie loves creating fun, hands on, and engaging activities that meet her student’s needs. These activities can be easily differentiated to make sure that each child is successful. Angie is very thankful for the opportunity TPT gives her to make resources available to other teachers. Find Angie on TPT, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Blog.
Ann from Blonde Bilingual is a 1st grade dual language teacher in her 11th year of teaching. She enjoys creating resources in both Spanish and English for K-1 for use in her classroom as well as her sister’s bilingual kindergarten classroom. Find Ann on TPT, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest.
Mariza AKA Sra.DavilaMadwid is a high school teacher who loves creating classroom decor resources in English, Spanish and French. She has been teaching for 6 years and is originally from Perú. Naturally she has a LLOVES LLAMAS. Find Mariza on TPT, Instagram,
Janet creates resources for busy bilingual, dual language and elementary Spanish teachers at SpanishProfe. She has been teaching for 11 years. She has taught mostly first-grade Spanish immersion but also K-12 Spanish as well. Find Janet on TPT, Facebook, Pinterest, Blog.
Lissa and Jeanine have been BFFs since burning it up in Valencia back in 2006. This dynamic duo creates FUN and ENGAGING material you can find in their new shop, Holy Frijoles. Learn more about then and all the teachery things the love on their blogs: Lissa (6andliberty) and Jeanine (HolyFrijoles) and on TPT, Instagram (Lissa), Instagram (Jeanine), Twitter.
Jennifer, aka La Profesora Inspiradora, believes fiercely in her students and hates to be bored. She teaches all levels of college Spanish, from beginning language classes up through advanced literature seminars, and she is on a mission to inspire her students to see beyond the classroom and think about how they might make a difference in the world. Find Jennifer on TPT, Instagram, Pinterest.
Kate from Srta Que has been teaching Spanish for 9 years. She has resources for all chapters of Realidades and will be expanding to Avancemos soon. She loves making interactive games for students to play and practice the language.  Find Kate on TPT, Instagram, Pinterest.

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