3 MORE of the BEST TpT Authors You Probably Aren’t Following | And why you need to follow them NOW

I love teaching Spanish and creating quality materials for my class.  But I also recognize my own limitations (time, for one.  There’s NEVER enough time).

For that reason, I’m so thankful to have found some really good teacher-authors who are creating high-quality materials!  Finding some trusted sellers saves me some time and provides me with quality resources for my classroom.  So, I want to share them with you!

Below are TpT authors you probably aren’t following, and why you need to follow them NOW.

First up:  StoryBridge Resources

Their bio:  “Amber is an elementary teacher and Thomas is an author and entrepreneur. Together, we are dedicated to producing professional quality short stories that delight and engage readers while meeting educational standards. Amber has taught grades preK-5th in both the United States and Mexico. She currently teaches in a 4th grade Spanish immersion classroom. Thomas is an author and entrepreneur whose passion is to tell great stories and spark imagination in others.”

If you struggle to find engaging reading material for your Spanish students, you will continue to be blessed by StoryBridge’s fantasy series!  The Legends of Garlok are captivating!  Click the picture below to read the first one for free!



The other two resources above are free as well.  Each of these resources is part of a larger bundle that can be purchased in the StoryBridge TpT store.  StoryBridge Resources currently hosts 19 Spanish products and a total of 73 educational resources.

Next up:  The Spanglish Corner

Born in the Caribbean but now living in the Andes mountains in Chile, Natalia loves to “focus on using the language in context.”  She says she always teaches “situations connected to my students’ lives to make learning as meaningful as possible. I work hard to make my students feel comfortable in their learning process by using authentic material related to their lives and humor.”

I recommend checking out the two resources below:  a freebie (with audio!!) and a reading about El Carnaval de Negros y Blancos in Colombia.



I’ve downloaded both of these and looks forward to using them next year in my Spanish classes!  The freebie is very beneficial for Spanish 1 students who are struggling to understand Spanish pronunciation while the El Carnaval resource will be a great way to start the new year in January, which coincides with the festival in Colombia!

You can see all of Natalia’s resources in her TpT store here.

And finally, Holy Frijoles!

I’m going to let them introduce themselves!

“¡¿¡Qué pasa, calabazas!?! We’re Jeanine and Lissa; best friends and collabo buds for over a decade now.  We lived together while studying in Valencia (the Spanish city that lights itself on fire every March) only to end up teaching high school Spanish just miles apart back in our native New Jersey. For years, we’ve been sharing our methods with each other and have now finally decided to take our madness to the masses!”

Holy Liberty

“Lissa is the mastermind behind the blog at 6andliberty.com. She has an eye for beautiful things and a crafty way with words. Jeanine runs holyfrijolesespanol.com, a website rich in resources for her students with a bonus blog for teachers. Together we run the Holy Frijoles TpT store where our mission is to keep it FUN and ENGAGING but also comprehensible and meaningful too. ¡¡¡Mucho gusto a todos!!!”

I’m LOVING their latest resource!  Las Fallas de Valencia!

Holy Liberty (1).jpg

My husband and I, ironically were in Valencia watching Las Fallas in 2004, the year before Lissa and Jeanine were there witnessing all the fun and excitement!  Las Fallas is my absolute FAVORITE Spanish festival (and there are so many to choose from!)  Check out their HUGE Las Fallas Bundle in their TpT store!  It contains everything you need to introduce your students to this Springtime festival of fire, food, and fun!  You can click the image above to see their Las Fallas resource in their store.

You can also click here to see their entire store, or click either of these two links to follow Holy Frijoles and 6andliberty on Instagram.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading!  Don’t forget to hit the green star when you visit their Teachers Pay Teachers pages to be the first to see all their new resources and sales!  Go grab the free resources, fill your cart with awesome Spanish resources and tell your friends!

If you would like to see more posts like this, let me know in the comments!  And subscribe to get all my new blog posts delivered straight to your inbox!  ¡Hasta luego!

Profe Pistole



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