Locura de marzo Song Selection Process Starts NOW | Don’t wait to nominate your favorite Spanish songs!

Señor Ashby’s “Locura de marzo” may just be my all-time favorite activity for the Spanish classroom!

Last year was my first year participating in Señor Ashby’s “Locura de marzo” and it was a game-changer for my Spanish classroom!

Students were singing Spanish songs in the hallway.  They were looking up additional information about artists on the Internet–without being assigned to do so!  They were downloading authentic Spanish songs on iTunes!!

So what were the best parts about the “Locura de marzo” competition?

√ High student involvement.

√ Comprehensible input.

√ Authentic music and videos.

√ Free teacher-created resources (in the Group Google Drive folders).

Robarte Un Beso

Last year’s winner (2018): Robarte Un Beso by Carlos Vives and Sebastián Yatra.

And YOU get to pick the songs for the 2019 competition!

Señor Ashby posted today that the selection process has begun!  So, how does it work?

Now-October:  To participate, join the closed Facebook group here.  There is a link to a Google form pinned to the discussion board–this is where you will make your song suggestions.

During October, select teachers will listen to all the songs and choose the ones that will advance to the next phase.  Sit tight to see if your songs make the cut.

Check back with the Facebook group in November to review all the potential songs for the 2019 competition and see how many of your favorites are still in the running!

Then, in December, vote for your favorite songs.  The top 16-17 songs will make it onto the “Locura de marzo” bracket for the March competition.

Last year was a blast! Let’s all start spreading the word now about this year’s event to try to get even more student and teacher participating across the globe!  – Señor Ashby

In February, start looking for teachers to post their bracket ideas in the Facebook group.  You will find some awesome ideas about how to make eye-catching brackets in your classroom so that your students can follow the competition.

The Runner-up (and my personal favorite): Andas en Mi Cabeza by Chino y Nacho!

The competition begins in March and there are several ways your students can participate.  Like last year, Señor Ashby will have live voting for the day’s competition on his website (see last year’s first matchup here).

Your students can vote for their favorite song each day in class or from home.

Last year, I encouraged students to vote online.  However, what made the competition really special in my classroom, is that we kept the winners from our classrooms votes instead of following the national bracket.  (More on that in a future post 😉

So go ahead and join the Closed Facebook group today and send in your song recommendations!  I look forward to seeing your in the group!

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Do you have a song you want to see in the competition this year?  Leave your suggestion in the comments below »»

Here are two of my picks for the 2019 competition:Besos en Guerra by Morat y Juanes 

Me Voy Enamorando by Chino y Nacho 


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