Free Voluntary Reading: Suggested Books for Spanish Intermediates

When I started planning for my FVR library in May of 2019, I wasn’t sure where to begin and was overwhelmed by my options. If you are preparing to start your own FVR program, you may be feeling the same!

Since we want to be able to confidently suggest books to students, I made it my mission to read as many books as possible over the summer and have continued reading each day during FVR in my classroom.

If you still aren’t sure if FVR is for you or where to begin, see this post.

I’ve titled this post “Books for Spanish Intermediates” but highly-motivated students at the novice-high and even the novice-mid levels will enjoy these books as well. But since it is important for students to build confidence as readers, it is always beneficial if students spend time reading books that are just BELOW their comfort level!

So while novice-mid students may struggle through the vocabulary in these books, the plot may draw them in (and that’s great!). Whereas an intermediate student will be able to breeze through this book, enjoying both the plot and the readability.

My first pick for intermediate Spanish students is the riveting, sci-fi trilogy by A.C. Quintero.

Things aren’t always as they seem and this series is no exception. Two high school couples are caught up in a dangerous love-triangle of deception and lies. But will they let their emotions blind them to the suspicious events happening all around them? And when they learn the truth about the strange disappearances in their community, will it be too late for them to save themselves?

Book 1: Las Apariencias Engañan: Todos Tenemos Secretos
Book 2: El Amarios: Algunos Secretos no Deben Salir a la Luz
Book 3: Las Sombras: Corre y no Mires Atrás

You can purchase A.C.’s novels here.

A book that I recently picked up and couldn’t put down is La Guerra Sucia by Nathaniel Kirby. This book is an intense read of historical fiction that transports you to Argentina in the direct aftermath of “The Dirty War.” The story unfolds through the lens of American journalist, Leslie, who leaves her teenage sons behind in the USA and travels to investigate the disappearance Raúl Cassanovas. But when she arrives in Argentina, she soon discovers that there is much more to this story than she ever could have imagined.

Leslie’s investigation brings her face-to-face with a military leader who has personally ordered the “disappearance” of thousands of Argentine men, women, and children–including Raúl. As each step brings her closer to the truth of what is happening in the US-backed military campaign, she begins to fear for her own safety. Will she make it back home to her children? Or will she become one of the “disappeared”?

La Guerra Sucia is available from Fluency Matters. You can read the first two chapters and view the glossary at the link above.

I can’t wait to update this as I continue to read through every book in my FVR library #teachergoals 🙂 But I would LOVE to hear your recommendations! What books have you read that will be perfect for my intermediates (and enthusiastic novice-mid & novice-high students)?

Let me know in the comments!!


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