Breathtaking Panoramic Headers for Google Classroom!

Earlier this month, Google made a few updates to Google Classroom (see what’s new here).  At least one of those updates affected what you and your students will see on your class page.

Previously, the class name was placed in the center of the header (also called the theme).  Also, the header would previously get distorted when you would change the shape of your browser window.

Now, however, the class name AND the class code are located in the top left-hand corner of the screen.

You can see the change in the image below.

demo google header taste of spain

I love to customize my Google headers and have recently begun selling packages of headers (themes) on Teachers Pay Teachers.

I’m so excited to be offering my “Taste of Spain” headers for half-off for the first 48 hours.  This download includes ten breathtaking panoramic views from locations throughout Spain.

Choose to upload one location per class or upload a different header every month of the school year!

Locations include:  Toledo, Galicia, Valencia, Sevilla, Madrid, Bilbao, Granada, and (below) the Mount Teide in the Canary Islands.

taste of spain example

If you’ve never changed your header (theme) before, don’t worry!  I also include step-by-step instructions to walk you through the process of changing your Google header.

Just check out the feedback from my free “Llama Spanish Header“:

tpt winter google classroom headers (10)

This is so cute! Thank you! I’m definitely going to use this! Your instructions are amazing – very clear and concise. I really think teachers who have never done this before are going to find them extremely helpful. Awesome job and thanks, again! 🙂
An adorable header that will brighten up your Google classroom! Thank you for the detailed instructions- very helpful indeed!
So download your free Llama header today and check out my “Taste of Spain” collection as well.  I can’t wait to make some more of these in the near future!  I’m thinking about creating headers for each Spanish-speaking country!  😉
¡Hasta luego!
Profe Pistole

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